Honor Roll of Donors

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The following are the preferred style rules for university publications.

  • Follow the name preferences of those listed, but not at the cost of consistency or recognized editorial practice. It is not necessary, for example, to list a business name in all caps even if the business always lists itself that way (unless it is an acronym or is so listed in Standard and Poor’s Register of Corporations).
  • Omit courtesy titles (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.) except where a woman has asked to be listed by her husband’s name: John Donor, Joan Donor, Mr. and Mrs. John Donor, Mrs. John Donor.
  • Professional, military and religious titles may be included when requested; abbreviate if possible: Dr. John Donor, Sgt. Jane Donor. See the AP Stylebook for guidance on abbreviating military titles.
  • Do not use job titles such as dean, president or director.
  • Do not include degrees unless everyone’s degrees are listed.
  • Ampersands, Co. and Inc. are acceptable abbreviations.
  • Alphabetize by last name according to one of the standard methods (see the Chicago Manual of Style for guidelines).
  • Alphabetize estates under the donor’s name.
  • Alphabetize businesses according to standard use for that business, to the extent that it can be determined: J.L. Donor & Co. under “donor” if it is usually referred to as Donor and Co., under “J” if it is usually referred to as J.L. Donor.
  • Begin the list with anonymous gifts (with the number of such gifts listed in parentheses); do not alphabetize them: Anonymous (15).