Logo Guide and Downloads

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The official font used in the university logo system is Galliard. Galliard roman, italic and bold are the variants used.


For Print
Red: Pantone 200 or in 4-color process, 100 magenta 70 yellow 10 black
Solid Black
Gray: Pantone 422 or 50% black, or metalic silver
In cases where inks other than red and black are printed, a monochrome logo should be printed in the darkest color.

May be reproduced in:
• black and red
• All black
• All gray
• All white against a contrasting color


Thick bar
The most formal version
Minimum width: 3-5/16", 5" on newsprint

Thin Bar
Most widely used version
Minimum width: 2-3/8"

• Used when institution is identified in another manner
• Reproduce in solid black, gray, or white against a contrasting color

Round Monogram
Arch Monogram

Round Monogram
Minimum width: 7/16"

Arch Monogram
Minimum width: 3/8"

The UGA brand is one of the university’s most valuable intangible assets. To maintain the integrity of UGA’s identity, please remember ...

• UGA logos cannot be altered in any way, including slanting and distorting, drop shadows, covering with type of other graphics or use of any but official UGA colors.
• No competing logos or symbols may appear on official University of Georgia letterhead or stationery items.
• The words “The University of Georgia” must appear on the front cover of all university publications, and an official logo must appear on the outside cover of each publication.
• Logos should not be reduced below minimum size to maintain legibility.

If you need a different format than provided below, or would like advice on special logo usage, contact UGA Marketing & Communications.

Division of Marketing & Communications
Janis Gleason, Executive Director of Communications
286 Oconee Street, Suite 200 North
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

DOWNLOADS (Compressed into .zip files)

EPS: For documents printed with a desktop postscript printer or commercial offset printing.
EPS-formatted logos can be placed into most page layout and word processing programs. Logos are scalable without losing sharpness.

JPG or TIF:For documents printed with non-postscript printers (ie: inkjet).
JPG and TIF-formatted logos can be placed/inserted into most page layout and word processing programs. Logos cannot be enlarged without loss of sharpness/resolution.

RTF: For MS Word users.
RTF-formatted logos can be inserted into an open document by using the drop-down window: Insert/File...

GIF: For web use.
Logos are offered in a range of sizes that have been calibrated to retain optimum detail on UGA websites and promotional pages.