University of Georgia, the

Found in: Capitalization, UGA Campuses

Always use the word “the” with the noun “University of Georgia,” except in lists of institutions. When “University of Georgia” is an adjective, “the” is not needed.

Following both AP and University of Chicago styles, do not capitalize the “t” in “the” except at the beginning of a sentence or within a title: She teaches at the University of Georgia.

For material that is released to the news media or appears in Columns, when the words “the university” stand alone and refer to the University of Georgia, lower case “university”: Enrollment at the university set a record this semester.

In other publications and documents, when the words “the University” stand alone in a sentence and obviously refer to the University of Georgia, it is acceptable to use a capital “U” in the word “University”: She joined the faculty at the University in 1970.

Either style is acceptable; be consistent throughout the publication.